Double down in the Double Take Collection Event (2024)


No longer will you have to decide which of your three friends will be in your squad for the Apex Games. Bring all three! Until the end of the season, your squad of four will take on 14 other squads in an attempt to become the Apex Champions. Team compositions? They’re a whole other vibe with a fourth. Strategies to outsmart and outplay your opponents? We hope you’ve got your comms down. This is a new gen of Apex.

The loot pool has also been updated to avoid in-fighting for ammo, attachments, and regen items. You may even have a small chance to obtain a Blue or Purple kitted weapon! Unfortunately, Tridents are too small to squeeze a fourth on board, but let ‘em walk. If you’re more of a team player, there’s always Evac Towers or Valkyrie’s Ult. And Skyward Dive, along with other Legend abilities, have also been updated to support a fourth.


First things first: direct unlock is back. All 24 Double Take limited-time cosmetics can be unlocked via event packs† or individually. And we’re bringing a ton of Legendary skins for this one: Octane, Crypto, Fuse, Conduit, Revenant, everyone’s new fav Alter, and an arsenal of weapons including one for the Havoc (which a lot of you have been using lately).

Unlock ‘em all before the event ends to automatically receive Lifeline’s Prestige set including her new skin, “Apex Corruptor,” and finisher, “RidDOCulous.”


You know the drill. Earn up to 1,400 points per day, challenges refresh daily, and they all stack with your Battle Pass—allowing you to multitask and minimize the grind.

Double down in the Double Take Collection Event (1)


Explore limited-time offers in the Store tab including the “Firewalter Fitzroy” bundle available June 25-July 9, 2024.

Double down in the Double Take Collection Event (2)


Finish off your Ranked season by finding out who takes the top in our very first Ranked Rumble: August 3 to August 6, 2024. Upheaval’s regular Ranked season will be shorter when Ranked Rumble takes over, but this is all about the best of the best. Each Rank Tier will qualify for their very own leaderboard, with each one having an unique badge that can be earned.

Squad up with your friends to complete your 10 Ranked Rumble Matches, pushing your score and placement as high as possible. No need to opt-in. Everyone who has already achieved a rank this season is auto-eligible.

Your Ranked Rumble placement will have no impact on your RP or Ranked Season placement or rewards. Those are locked in before the Ranked Rumble becomes available. How will YOU stack up against everyone else in your Rank?



Care Package

  • Purple light mag added

Gold Weapons Rotation

  • Nemesis Burst AR, Triple-Take, Peacekeeper, Prowler PDW, Longbow DMR

End Rings

  • End rings now have more even distribution through the map
  • Each quadrant of the map now have roughly 25% chance of getting selected

Survival Slot Items

  • Survival slot items have been redistributed to low tier loot zones

Dev Note: Survival slot items were not spawning in all our loot quality zones. This adjustment maintains a similar number of survival slot items in a match but more evenly distributes them across the map.


G7 Scout

  • Damage increased to 33 (was 32)
  • Rate of fire increased
  • Adjusted recoil to be more consistent when firing at max fire rate

Dev Note: The G7 has felt a little underwhelming and our data backs that up. When we were evaluating its rate of fire we realized its recoil could use a pass as well so we’ve smoothed out what we think the roughest spots are and given it a little more damage. This should help the G7 be competitive with the rest of our marksman and sniper roster.

Havoc Rifle

  • All mag sizes reduced
    • No Mag: 20 (was 24)
    • White Mag: 24 (was 28)
    • Blue Mag: 28 (was 32)
    • Purple Mag: 32 (was 36)

Dev Note: The Havoc is a force to be reckoned with, even without all the bells and whistles of mags and turbochargers it still puts in work. However, 36 rounds in a kitted Havoc, even with the firing delay, represents high damage up time and forgiveness for wasted rounds (often experienced during prefiring). Pulling back on mags allows it to remain deadly, but requires a little more precision.

Longbow DMR

  • Headshot multiplier increased to 2.25 (was 2.15)

R-99 SMG

  • Reduced hip-fire randomness

Dev Note: Over the last few patches we nerfed the R-99 because it was a significant outlier, performing well above the rest of the pack. Those nerfs were substantial and the R-99 has fallen a little too far for our liking and is feeling unreliable. These adjustments intend to bring up its consistency without directly increasing its damage potential.

Rampage LMG

  • Firing animation has less vertical movement while in ADS

Weapon Rarity Sets

  • Peacekeeper (Blue and Purple)
    • Optic updated to 1x Hcog (was 2x Bruiser)
  • Charge Rifle & Sentinel (Purple)
    • Optic updated to 4-8x (was 2-4x)
    • Gunrun will keep a 2-4x

4x-10x Digital Threat Scope

  • Will no longer provide threat vision through smoke or gas



  • Void Passage: Crypto EMP will now affect all players phased by the Void Passage


  • Smoke Launcher: all players within smoke will now have a white highlight visible to other players in smoke within 20m

Dev Note: Fighting inside Bangalore's smoke has never been a pleasant experience for players or viewers (aside from you Bloodhounds) as it makes fights messy and hard to read. We are leveling the playing field now by making all players inside smoke clearer targets to one another with a white highlight. This highlight is not visible from outside the smoke: all of the rotational and sight-blocking gameplay are kept in-tact. However, while playing inside the smoke will be more clear, it will also be more risky and resets will be much harder if the smoke is challenged.


  • Beast of the Hunt: threat vision is no longer visible through smoke or gas
  • Upgrade: Level 2
    • Raven’s Blessing: Ult charge reduced to 20% (was 25%)
  • Upgrades: Level 3
    • NEW Sighthound: reduced Tac cooldown by 50% while Ultimate is active
    • NEW Flock: remove enemy range requirement for White Raven spawns

Dev Note: Sometimes even the best teams break up and go their separate ways. Bloodhound's Ult has always had a strong synergy with Bangalore’s smoke, but the pairing has recently become dominant and a singular answer to the "can't see stuff" meta. With the removal of threat vision through smoke, Bloodhound will need to rely on their Tac scan like other Recon Legends. This should remove the necessity for the dynamic duo to pair together and allow for new roster compositions to form in its wake.

We were noticing how much the White Raven passive would fall off in the late game as enemies are naturally closer, making Raven’s Blessing upgrade much less valuable after the first ring. The new Level 3 upgrade will allow players to play off White Ravens across the match and fuel their Ult more effectively.

Alternatively, players can now tap back into some of Bloodhound’s old scan potential while in their Ult. These changes aim to shift power away from simply securing knocks for late game benefit and into more opportunities to use the Ult or the Tac through new upgrade choices.

Upheaval Launch: Level 2Upheaval Mid-Season: Level 2
Odin’s GlareDouble duration of Tactical Full-Body scanOdin’s GlareDouble duration of Tactical Full-Body scan
Raven’s BlessingWhite Ravens charge Ultimate by 25%Raven’s BlessingWhite Ravens charge Ultimate by 20%
Upheaval Launch: Level 3Upheaval Mid-Season: Level 3
Long HuntKnocks extend Beast of the Hunt duration.SighthoundReduce Tactical cooldown by 50% while Ultimate is active.
Taste of BloodGain 50 hp on knocks while Ultimate is active.FlockRemove enemy range requirement for White Raven spawns.
Upheaval Launch: Level 2
Odin’s GlareDouble duration of Tactical Full-Body scan
Raven’s BlessingWhite Ravens charge Ultimate by 25%
Upheaval Mid-Season: Level 2
Odin’s GlareDouble duration of Tactical Full-Body scan
Raven’s BlessingWhite Ravens charge Ultimate by 20%
Upheaval Launch: Level 3
Long HuntKnocks extend Beast of the Hunt duration.
Taste of BloodGain 50 hp on knocks while Ultimate is active.
Upheaval Mid-Season: Level 3
SighthoundReduce Tactical cooldown by 50% while Ultimate is active.
FlockRemove enemy range requirement for White Raven spawns.


  • Upgrade: Level 3
    • Down & Away: Tac will now refresh on BOTH knocks and assisted knocks within a 3s window


  • Upgrade: Level 3
    • Grim Leaper: Tac will now refresh on BOTH knocks and assisted knocks within a 3s window



  • Broken Moon
  • Kings Canyon
  • Olympus


  • Broken Moon
  • Olympus
  • World’s Edge



  • Replacing Duos Playlist for S21.1
  • 15 Teams of 4 Players
  • Loot Improvements
    • Chance to find Blue/Purple kitted weapons
    • Increased ammo in Light, Heavy, and Energy ammo boxes
    • Increased chance to find ammo, health, shield, scopes, and deployable items
    • Increased Replicator starting count 12→15
  • Lobby supports a 4th player for inviting and ‘Previous Match Squad Members’
  • Legend Ability updates to support a 4th squad member
    • Mirage Decoy shows 4 squad members when dropping from the dropship
    • Valkyrie’s Ult allows for up to 3 additional squad members to attach
    • Vantage Passive can spot the armor on all enemy teammates when in ADS
    • Loba’s Ultimate has UI to support a fourth player

NOTE: Quads is the only mode that supports queueing with 4 players. All other modes will be locked


  • LTM - 7/9-7/22


  • Lockdown: added The Core, Estates
  • Mixtape Map Rotations
    • 6/25-7/8
      • Control: Caustic, Labs, Thunderdome
      • Gun Run: Estates, Fragment, Zeus Station
      • TDM: Habitat, The Core, Estates
    • 7/9-7/22
      • Control: Labs, Caustic
      • Gun Run: Estates, Fragment
      • Lockdown: The Core, Estates
      • TDM: Habitat, Phase Runner
    • 7/23-7/29
      • Control: Labs, Caustic, Production Yard
      • Gun Run: Estates, Fragment, Zeus Station
      • Lockdown: The Core, Thunderdome, Estates
      • TDM (removed during 1st week of LTM)
    • 7/30-8/5
      • Control: Labs, Caustic
      • Gun Run: Estates, Fragment
      • Lockdown: The Core, Estates
      • TDM: Habitat, Phase Runner


Ranked Rumble takes over the normal Ranked League at the end of the season as the singular Ranked offering. Ranked entry cost, placement, and KP tuning updated to:

  • Lower entry cost above Bronze Tier
    • Gold: 35 (was 40)
    • Platinum: 55 (was 60)
    • Diamond: 75 (was 80)
  • Placement RP Tuning now follows ALGS rules that all Top 15 will gain points
    • 15th: 5 (was 0)
    • 14th: 5 (was 0)
  • Kill Point Tuning
    • 8th: 14 (was 12)
    • 7th: 14 (was 12)
    • 6th: 16 (was 12)

Dev Note: we have received valuable insights from last season's data and community feedback and made slight adjustments based on both. The entry cost above Bronze has been lowered slightly, all of the Top 15 players will now receive corresponding placement points, and increased the KP for players in the top 6th-8th positions. With the potential for more updates to come as we continue to monitor.

We reward players for excellent strategic choices in placement and for outstanding combat performances in Kills. Achieving Top 5 placement in many ways is your strategic choice, but we won't reward you with additional points; you must validate your placement with eliminations.


Looking for something else? Check out our public Trello board. It’s updated weekly with the status of bugs that we can talk about ahead of the patch note drops. We also update our game status here for those of you not on other social platforms.

  • 3030-Repeater will no longer swap to a different reticle when reloading
  • Evo Harvester icons will no longer appear incorrectly for those who reconnect/connect late to a match
  • Firing Range: Dynamic Stats will now record some weapons properly
  • Fixed exploit that allowed players to move faster than normal
  • Mythic Melee items will now display their respective names in Death recaps
  • Nessies will no longer be occasionally extremely bouncy
  • Players will no longer be able to shoot enemies while safe behind cover
  • Resolved instances where some text displayed the old Replicator icon


  • DX12 PC: Fixed many bugs that to help resolve crashes
  • Fixed an issue with flickering FX on Xbox One, especially lens flares and glows
  • Fixed bug that caused high polling rate mice to occasionally encounter high frame stutters. High polling rate mice users should now see little to no frame stutters from mouse input.
    • Input and window processing now occurs on its own thread instead of the render thread


  • Alter
    • Players should no longer rarely get stuck in the ceiling/floor when using a Void Passage
    • Stuck projectiles (such as Arc Stars) now fall off correctly when traveling through a Void Passage
    • Tac’s Void Siphon (the interactable part) no longer missing a cooldown after exiting a Void Passage (same as the cooldown when re-entering the actual portal)
  • Alter/Wraith/Ash: highlighting in the void (and Alter’s Void Vision upgrade) no longer reveals the real Mirage
  • Catalyst
    • Piercing Spikes no longer activated by MRVNs
    • Piercing Spikes activation no longer blocked by Gibraltar’s gun shield
  • Octane: fixed players getting extra velocity from upgraded jump pad using certain inputs
  • Revenant: Ash’s Arc Snare will no longer occasionally bounce off Forged Shadows


  • Added a settings option that adjusts the gameplay volume when spectating
  • Alter
    • Added different voice lines for Void Nexus being destroyed by the ring rather than a player
    • Added logic to prevent most cases of placing a Void Passage resulting in falling to your death post-travel. Olympus should be safe…ish
    • Added rumble to Alter’s Ult and Tac
  • Emote sound effects now play when previewing in the lobby (added a setting to turn this off too)
  • Health Wheel can now be closed on Controller with LT in addition to:
    • Circle on PlayStation
    • B on Xbox
  • Health Wheel items can now be used on Controller with RT in addition to:
    • Square on PlayStation
    • A on Xbox


  • Gameplay
    • 10 minute match time for all Mixtape modes minus Control
    • Spawn Logic: Gun Run, Lockdown, TDM
      • Decrease spawning in sight of enemies
      • Spawn closer, but not at same spawn point as teammates
    • Lockdown
      • Capture borders change to show the color of the team currently in the zone
      • Lockdown now always awards 5 points per kill and 5 points per capture interval
      • There is no longer special scoring based on kill positioning or extra points awarded for final/initial capture of zones
  • Map spawn audit: adjusting positions & angles
    • The Core, Estates, Habitat, Party Crasher, Phase Runner


  • DX12 PC: additional CPU performance optimizations, up to 10% faster than Season 21 launch
  • Added a new "Very High" choice to the "Model Detail" option in Video Settings, for reduced LOD popping
  • Switch
    • Migrated to the Rendering Hardware Interface (RHI), shared by PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC DirectX 12
    • FOV Slider added: may impact performance for players choosing to increase it beyond 70
Double down in the Double Take Collection Event (2024)


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