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at CVS Health in Mission, Kansas, United States

Job Description

Bring your heart to CVS Health. Every one of us at CVS Health shares a single, clear purpose: Bringing our heart to every moment of your health. This purpose guides our commitment to deliver enhanced human-centric health care for a rapidly changing world. Anchored in our brand – with heart at its center – our purpose sends a personal message that how we deliver our services is just as important as what we deliver. Our Heart At Work Behaviors support this purpose. We want everyone who works at CVS Health to feel empowered by the role they play in transforming our culture and accelerating our ability to innovate and deliver solutions to make health care more personal, convenient and affordable.

Position Summary

Health is everything. At CVS Health, we are committed to increasing patient access to care, lowering costs and improving the quality of care. Millions of times a day, we’re helping people on their path to better health- from advising patients on their prescriptions to helping them manage their chronic and specialty conditions. Because we’re present in so many moments, big and small, we have an active, supportive role in shaping the future of health care. Pharmacy Technicians are at the forefront of our purpose as they deliver compassionate care to our millions of patients every day.Come join our team of dedicated and caring Pharmacy Technicians who demonstrate our core values of Accountability, Caring, Collaboration,Innovation and Integrity in everything they do in our pharmacies every day. Whether you are new to working in pharmacies or are an experienced Pharmacy Technician, we have a place for you on our team to use your skills and talents to serve and care for our patients and customers.The Pharmacy Technician position provides individuals with an opportunity to work in a leading retail pharmacy company and in a role that positively impacts the lives and health of others. You will work in an environment where the highest professional and ethical standards are maintained as well as full compliance with all Federal, State and Local laws and regulations. Pharmacy Technicians take important steps to ensure all medication needs and regulatory compliance standards are met for our patients and they demonstrate ethical conduct and maintain patient confidentiality at all times.Success for incumbents in this role includes being able to manage all assigned pharmacy workstations and tasks to support the team’s ability to promptly, safely and accurately fill patient prescriptions all while providing caring service that exceeds customer expectations. If you like working in fast-paced environments and demonstrating compassionate, genuine care for patients and customers, this job is for you!As a new Pharmacy Technician, you are required to complete an extensive CVS Pharmacy Technician Training Program as well as satisfy all registration, licensing and certification requirements according to your State’s Board of Pharmacy guidelines. Your Pharmacy Technician duties will be restricted by your manager at first until you complete all necessary requirements. Once you satisfy all requirements and expand your Pharmacy Technician duties, you have the opportunity to continue to build your clinical, technical and insurance knowledge and expertise by leveraging available tools and training to build your pharmacy career.Are you ready to help people on their path to better health? We are ready to have you join our team and help you on your career path to achieve your goals!Please note in select markets the collective bargaining agreement rules regarding the Pharmacy Technician would apply.DISCLAIMER:The above information on this description has been designed to indicate the general nature and level of work performed by employees within this classification. It is not designed to contain or be interpreted as a comprehensive inventory of all duties, responsibilities and qualifications required of employees assigned to this job.Based on the role and location, this position may require you to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (including any booster shots if required), where allowable under the law, unless you are approved for a reasonable accommodation based on disability, medical condition, pregnancy, or religious belief that prevents them from being vaccinated. Proof of vaccination will be required on your first day of employment or within the first few months in the position, depending on the role and location. If you are considered for a role, more information will be provided during the hiring process.

Required Qualifications

+ Must be at least 18 years of age

+ Licensure requirements vary by state

+ Attention and Focuso The ability to concentrate on a task over a period of time without being distracted

+ Customer Service Orientationo Actively look for ways to help people, and do so in a friendly mannero Notice and understand customers’ reactions, and respond appropriately

+ Communication Skillso Use and understand verbal and written communication to interact with customers and colleagueso Actively listening by giving full attention to what others are saying, taking time to understand the points being made, asking questions as appropriate, and not interrupting at inappropriate times

+ Mathematical Reasoningo The ability to use math to solve a problem, such as calculating day’s supply of a prescription

+ Problem Resolutiono Is able to judge when something is wrong or is likely to go wrong; recognizing there is a problemo Choosing the best course of action when faced with a complex situation with several available optionsPHYSICAL DEMANDS:

+ Remaining upright on the feet, particularly for sustained periods of time

+ Moving about on foot to accomplish tasks, particularly for moving from one work area to another

+ Picking, pinching, typing or otherwise working primarily with fingers rather than whole hand or arm

+ Extending hand(s) and arm(s) in any direction

+ Bending body downward and forward by bending spine at the waist

+ Stooping to a considerable degree and requiring full use of the lower extremities and back muscles

+ Expressing or exchanging ideas by means of spoken word; those activities where detailed or important spoken instructions must be conveyed accurately

+ Perceiving the nature of sounds at normal speaking levels with or without correction, and having the ability to receive detailed information through oral communication

+ Visual Acuity:o The worker is required to have close visual acuity to perform activities such as: transcribing, viewing a computer terminal, reading, visual inspection involving small parts

+ Occasional lifting of up to 30 lbs; exerting up to 30 lbs of force occasionally and/or up to 10 lbs of force frequently, and/or a negligible amount of force constantly to move objects

Preferred Qualifications

+ Previous experience in a pharmacy, retail, medical, or customer service setting

+ Previous experience as a Pharmacy Technician

+ PTCB National Certification


High School diploma or equivalent preferred but not required.

Pay Range

The typical pay range for this role is:

$16.00 – $25.00

This pay range represents the base hourly rate or base annual full-time salary for all positions in the job grade within which this position falls. The actual base salary offer will depend on a variety of factors including experience, education, geography and other relevant factors. In addition to your compensation, enjoy the rewards of an organization that puts our heart into caring for our colleagues and our communities. The Company offers a full range of medical, dental, and vision benefits. Eligible employees may enroll in the Company’s 401(k) retirement savings plan, and an Employee Stock Purchase Plan is also available for eligible employees. The Company provides a fully-paid term life insurance plan to eligible employees, and short-term and l

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Pharmacy Technician                                                                                  - KANSASWORKS (2024)


What is the highest paying pharmacy technician job? ›

Highest-Paying Pharmacy Technician Jobs
  • 1) Pharmacy Technician Informaticist. ...
  • 2) Pharmacy Technician Program Director. ...
  • 3) Pharmacy Technician Level III. ...
  • 4) Pharmacy Technician Level II. ...
  • 5) Pharmacy Technician Instructor. ...
  • 6) Hospital Pharmacy Technician. ...
  • 7) Pharmacy Technician Level I. ...
  • 8) Compound Pharmacy Technician.

What is the highest level of pharmacy technician? ›

A pharmacy technician III is typically the highest level of certification in the career path and requires more experience and training.

Is pharmacy technician stressful? ›

Working as a pharmacy tech can be quite stressful. The pharmacy can become very busy and sometimes handle large quantities of customers in a fast-paced environment.

Is pharmacy technician the same as Pharm D? ›

The primary pharmacy tech versus pharmacist difference is what each role is trained for and legally allowed to do. Pharmacists have a doctor of pharmacy (Pharm. D.) degree, while pharmacy technicians do not need a college degree.

What is the highest pay for CVS pharmacy tech? ›


What state pays pharmacy techs the most? ›

The highest-paid state for pharmacist technicians is Alaska with an average salary of $48,756 per year. What city pays pharmacist technicians the most? San Francisco, CA pays pharmacist technicians the most with an average salary of $47,731 per year.

How old are most pharmacy technicians? ›

Pharmacist Technician demographics and statistics in the US
  • There are over 473,167 pharmacist technicians currently employed in the United States.
  • 75.1% of all pharmacist technicians are women, while 24.9% are men.
  • The average pharmacist technician age is 38 years old.

What are the two types of pharmacy technicians? ›

Pharmacy Technician License vs Certification

A licensed pharmacy technician meets requirements set by the state's pharmacy board, while a certified pharmacy technician meets requirements set by an outside agency and passes an exam.

What is the difference between pharmacy tech 1 and 2? ›

Some level II techs are also tasked with managing and/or training level I pharmacy technicians. A level II pharmacy tech is typically required to have more education and/or training than a level I tech. This training may be by way of completing a pharmacy technician training or degree program.

Is the pharmacy tech test hard? ›

The pharmacy technician exam can be challenging, so completing a preparation course is highly recommended. The pass rate for the pharmacy technician certification exam is 71%.

Is pharmacy tech a lot of math? ›

Pharmacy technicians need to know and have a strong grasp on basic algebra. For example, as a pharmacy technician, you will find yourself completing equations to determine how much of one ingredient you need to add to another.

Why is being a pharmacy tech so hard? ›

The pharmacy tech position requires a lot more responsibility than just filling prescriptions and handing out medication. Pharmacy technicians must be able to understand prescription orders, know how to compound medications, counsel patients on their medications, manage inventory, and work with insurance companies.

Who actually fills prescriptions? ›

You probably think that a pharmacist fills your prescription when you bring it into your pharmacy. That's not the case. The actual person filling your prescription is the pharmacy technician. Pharmacy technicians are essentially assistants or helpers to the pharmacists.

Does being a pharmacy technician look good for pharmacy school? ›

While not required, time spent in a healthcare setting can be a determining factor between being accepted and living on the waitlist. The wealth of experience that comes from working as a pharm tech can demonstrate to the admissions board that you can thrive in a healthcare environment.

What is another name for a pharmacy technician? ›

What is another word for pharmacy technician?
helperpharmacy aide
pharmacy assistant

What technician jobs pay the most? ›

High Paying Maintenance Technician Jobs
  • Facility Mechanic. Salary range: $46,000-$69,000 per year. ...
  • Premises Technician. Salary range: $62,500-$67,500 per year. ...
  • Facilities Maintenance Mechanic. ...
  • General Maintenance Mechanic. ...
  • Building Services Technician. ...
  • Commercial Maintenance Technician. ...
  • Facility Technician. ...
  • Ground Worker.

Who pays pharmacy techs the most in Texas? ›

Top companies for Pharmacy Technicians in Texas
  • U.S. Army. 4.3 $25.13per hour. 82,205 reviews368 salaries reported.
  • Memorial Hermann Health System. 3.9 $21.48per hour. 3,252 reviews7 salaries reported.
  • DeliverIt Pharmacy. 3.0 $20.27per hour. ...
  • HEB. 4.2 $20.13per hour. ...
  • TotalMed. 3.9 $19.75per hour. ...
  • Show more companies.

How to make extra money as a pharmacy technician? ›

Best Side Hustles for Pharmacy Technicians for Extra Income:
  1. Independent Consultation.
  2. Medical Writing or Blogging.
  3. Educational Tutoring or Course Creation.
  4. Healthcare Product Development and Sales.
  5. Health and Wellness Coaching.
  6. Identifying Your Skills and Interests.
  7. Finding the Right Platform or Clients.
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